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Revue de presse francophone :
- Appaloosa AppDome nouent un partenariat pour accompagner les entreprises dans le déploiement et la protection des applications mobiles
- D-Link offre une avec un routeur VPN sans fil AC
- 19 mai Paris Petit-Déjeuner Coreye Développer son business à l'abri des cyberattaques
- Flexera Software Les utilisateurs français de PC progressent dans l'application de correctifs logiciels, mais des défis de tailles subsistent
- Riverbed lance SD-WAN basé sur le cloud
- Fujitsu multi-récompensé VMware lui décerne plusieurs Partner Innovation Awards à l'occasion du Partner Leadership Summit
- Zscaler Private Access sécuriser l'accès à distance en supprimant les risques inhérents aux réseaux privés virtuels
- QNAP annonce la sortie de QTS 4.2.1
- Une enquête réalisée par la société de cyber sécurité F-Secure a décelé des milliers de vulnérabilités graves, potentiellement utilisables par des cyber criminels pour infiltrer l'infrastru
- Trouver le juste équilibre entre une infrastructure dédiée et cloud le dilemme de la distribution numérique
- 3 juin - Fleurance - Cybersécurité Territoires
- Cyber-assurances Seules 40 pourcents des entreprises françaises sont couvertes contre les violations de sécurité et les pertes de données
- Des étudiants de l'ESIEA inventent CheckMyHTTPS un logiciel qui vérifie que vos connexions WEB sécurisées ne sont pas interceptées
- Les produits OmniSwitch d'Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise ALE gagnent en sécurité pour lutter contre les cyber-attaques modernes

Dernier articles de SecuObs :
- DIP, solution de partage d'informations automatisée
- Sqreen, protection applicative intelligente de nouvelle génération
- Renaud Bidou (Deny All): "L'innovation dans le domaine des WAFs s'oriente vers plus de bon sens et d'intelligence, plus de flexibilité et plus d'ergonomie"
- Mises à jour en perspective pour le système Vigik
- Les russes ont-ils pwn le système AEGIS ?
- Le ministère de l'intérieur censure une conférence au Canada
- Saut d'air gap, audit de firmware et (in)sécurité mobile au programme de Cansecwest 2014
- GCHQ: Le JTRIG torpille Anonymous qui torpille le JTRIG (ou pas)
- #FIC2014: Entrée en territoire inconnu
- Le Sénat investit dans les monnaies virtuelles

Revue de presse internationale :
- VEHICLE CYBERSECURITY DOT and Industry Have Efforts Under Way, but DOT Needs to Define Its Role in Responding to a Real-world Attack
- Demand letter served on poll body over disastrous Comeleak breach
- The Minimin Aims To Be The Simplest Theremin
- Hacking group PLATINUM used Windows own patching system against it
- Hacker With Victims in 100 Nations Gets 7 Years in Prison
- HPR2018 How to make Komboucha Tea
- Circuit Bender Artist bends Fresnel Lens for Art
- FBI Director Suggests iPhone Hacking Method May Remain Secret
- 2016 Hack Miami Conference May 13-15, 2016
- 8-bit Video Wall Made From 160 Gaming Keyboards
- In An Era Of Decline, News Sites Can t Afford Poor Web Performance
- experiences data breach 1m affected
- Swedish Air Space Infringed, Aircraft Not Required
- Why cybercriminals attack healthcare more than any other industry
- Setting the Benchmark in the Network Security Forensics Industry

Annuaire des videos
- Official Maltego tutorial 5 Writing your own transforms
- Official Maltego tutorial 6 Integrating with SQL DBs
- Official Maltego tutorial 3 Importing CSVs spreadsheets
- install zeus botnet
- Eloy Magalhaes
- Official Maltego tutorial 1 Google s websites
- Official Maltego tutorial 4 Social Networks
- Blind String SQL Injection
- backdoor linux root from r57 php shell VPS khg crew redc00de
- How To Attaque Pc With Back Track 5 In Arabique
- RSA Todd Schomburg talks about Roundup Ready lines available in 2013
- Nessus Diagnostics Troubleshooting
- Panda Security Vidcast Panda GateDefender Performa Parte 2 de 2
- MultiPyInjector Shellcode Injection

Revue Twitter
- RT @fpalumbo: Cisco consistently leading the way ? buys vCider to boost its distributed cloud vision #CiscoONE
- @mckeay Looks odd... not much to go on (prob some slideshow/vid app under Linux)
- [SuggestedReading] Using the HTML5 Fullscreen API for Phishing Attacks
- RT @BrianHonan: Our problems are not technical but cultural. OWASP top 10 has not changed over the years @joshcorman #RSAC
- RT @mikko: Wow. Apple kernels actually have a function called PE_i_can_has_debugger:
- [Blog Spam] Metasploit and PowerShell payloads
- PinkiePie Strikes Again, Compromises Google Chrome in Pwnium Contest at Hack in the Box: For the second time thi...
- @mikko @fslabs y'all wldn't happen to have lat/long data sets for other botnets, wld you? Doing some research (free/open info rls when done)
- RT @nickhacks: Want to crash a remote host running Snow Leopard? Just use: nmap -P0 -6 --script=targets-ipv6-multicast-mld #wishiwaskidding
- An inexpensive proxy service called is actually a front for #malware distribution -

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Top bi-hebdo des articles de SecuObs
- [Ettercap – Partie 2] Ettercap par l'exemple - Man In the Middle et SSL sniffing
- [Infratech - release] version 0.6 de Bluetooth Stack Smasher
- [IDS Snort Windows – Partie 2] Installation et configuration
- [Infratech - vulnérabilité] Nouvelle version 0.8 de Bluetooth Stack Smasher
- Mises à jour en perspective pour le système Vigik
- USBDumper 2 nouvelle version nouvelles fonctions !
- EFIPW récupère automatiquement le mot de passe BIOS EFI des Macbook Pro avec processeurs Intel
- La sécurité des clés USB mise à mal par USBDUMPER
- Une faille critique de Firefox expose les utilisateurs de Tor Browser Bundle
- Installation sécurisée d'Apache Openssl, Php4, Mysql, Mod_ssl, Mod_rewrite, Mod_perl , Mod_security

Top bi-hebdo de la revue de presse
- StackScrambler and the Tale of a Packet Parsing Bug

Top bi-hebdo de l'annuaire des videos
- DC++ Botnet. How To DDos A Hub With Fake IPs.
- Comment creer un server botnet!!!!(Réseau de pc zombies)
- Defcon 14 Hard Drive Recovery Part 3

Top bi-hebdo de la revue Twitter
- RT @secureideas: I believe that all the XSS flaws announced are fixed in CVS. Will test again tomorrow if so, release 1.4.3. #BASESnort
- Currently, we do not support 100% of the advanced PDF features found in Adobe Reader... At least that's a good idea.
- VPN (google): German Foreign Office Selects Orange Business for Terrestrial Wide: Full
- @DisK0nn3cT Not really, mostly permission issues/info leak...they've had a couple of XSS vulns but nothing direct.
- Swatting phreaker swatted and heading to jail: A 19-year-old American has been sentenced to eleven years in pris..
- RT @fjserna You are not a true hacker if the calc.exe payload is not the scientific one...

Top des articles les plus commentés

[Message Precedent sur la mailing][Message Suivant sur la mailing][Precedent dans le fil][Prochain dans le fil][Index par Date][Index par fil] [SA33359] Nokia Phones SMS Denial of Service Vulnerability

Did you know that a change in our assessment rating, exploit code
availability, or if an updated patch is released by the vendor, is
not part of this mailing-list?

Click here to learn more:

TITLE: Nokia Phones SMS Denial of Service Vulnerability


VERIFY ADVISORY: link://[click]

CRITICAL: Less critical


WHERE: From remote

OPERATING SYSTEM: Nokia E90 Communicator link://[click] Nokia E61 Phone link://[click] Nokia E71 Phone link://[click] Nokia N73 Phone link://[click] Nokia 6120 classic Phone link://[click]

DESCRIPTION: Tobias Engel has reported a vulnerability in various Nokia phones, which can be exploited by malicious people to cause a DoS (Denial of Service).

The vulnerability is caused due to an error in the processing of SMS messages. This can be exploited to prevent a phone from receiving further text messages by sending messages starting with a specially crafted email address to an affected device.

The vulnerability is reported in the following devices: * E61 * E90 * E71 * N73 * 6120 classic NOTE: Reportedly, other Nokia phones based on S60 2.6, 2.8, 3.0 and 3.1 are also affected.

SOLUTION: Secunia is currently not aware of a solution.


ORIGINAL ADVISORY: Tobias Engel: link://[click]

About: This Advisory was delivered by Secunia as a free service to help everybody keeping their systems up to date against the latest vulnerabilities.

Subscribe: link://[click]

Definitions: (Criticality, Where etc.) link://[click]

Please Note: Secunia recommends that you verify all advisories you receive by clicking the link.

Secunia NEVER sends attached files with advisories.

Secunia does not advise people to install third party patches, only use those supplied by the vendor.

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